Why become a member of Eclipse

This video has been recorded at Eclipse Con Europe 2015. I had the chance to explain why this is interesting to become a member of Eclipse:

  • Be fair, you make business with Eclipse technology
  • You want to be more visible in the Community
  • Open Source is a great way to manage Intellectual Property
  • Your code will be  available for years

I also use the example of Bonitasoft as a Solution Member, and Obeo as a Strategic Member.

This video continues to my second presentation, “How to build an active community around your project”. I also posted an other article about it.

Implementig gamification for your community

Working on Bonitasoft Community website, I studied many websites using gamification to identify the leaders and understand the activity of users. Stackoverflow, IMHO the best gamification implementation available, provide a very good, complete and intuitive user profile, and for example, you can have a look at my AskUbuntu profile.

I did a series of talks about gamification, and I had very interesting discussion about how to integrate it in different contexts like websites or traditional desktop applications. Here is a 5 minutes one, extracted from a session in the main room at Eclipse Con France 2015.

The video cover the entire day in the main room, with many interesting talks on various topics.