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A list of useful articles, white papers, tweets (punchlines) and a video to learn and understand open source project management, the difference between a project and products, why people contribute, and other interesting information.

I built this page for I often have to share this kind of resources with my colleagues and managers.


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I’m reminded today why actively courting contributors and growing them into committers is critically important for the health of your #opensource project. Too many open source projects die when the one company that’s putting effort into them divests.

It’s not enough to just wait for contributions to come to your #opensource project, you need reach out and find people. Some part of every committer’s time should be spent finding contributors on forums, at conferences, and in the other places where your community hangs out.

It’s an ongoing process. Successful #opensource projects are always looking for and actively courting contribution and growing their committer/maintainer base.

The sooner you make this happen, the more resilient your #opensource project will be.